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  • September 14, 2018

    Pike lands three-year contract to boost Georgia’s infrastructure

    Pike Engineering teams are helping build the grid of the future in partnership with Georgia Power. Known as the Georgia Power Grid Investment Program, this statewide, multiyear, multibillion-dollar infrastructure initiative will enhance service and reliability in communities across Georgia. The project took over a year to bid and Pike was awarded the majority of the work with a three-year contract for design-build services.

    Pike’s work is focused on overhead and underground distribution, improving feeder access and hardening various parts of the grid. Our engineering team is leading the design of overhead distribution circuits, underground distribution circuits, substation engineering and protection, control applications work, and transmission line engineering. This work includes scoping, estimating, scheduling, and coordination with the third-party logistics supplier.

    In tandem with the engineering role, Pike is responsible for all aspects of construction, with crews working on feeder hardening, feeder sectionalizing, undergrounding of existing overhead feeders and installing digital asset-management sensors. Traffic control plans, location selection, switching and outage plans, easement acquisition and permitting are other aspects of the work Pike is performing for this project.

  • July 28, 2020

    Pike acquires PowerSecure’s transmission, distribution, substation and engineering businesses

    Pike completed the acquisition of the transmission, distribution, substation and engineering businesses of PowerSecure on July 22, 2019. The deal brought aboard 600 new employees, ranging from engineers to transmission and distribution crews.

    Pike said PowerSecure “is a perfect acquisition tuck-in for Pike because the cultures of the two businesses are very similar, the geographies served are overlapping, and the timing of the deal was very opportune.” PowerSecure had been working primarily in the Mid-Atlantic states, Alabama and Texas, making it a complement to Pike’s existing footprint. In addition to achieving a greater customer concentration in these regions, Pike brings on board a significant heavy transmission group in Texas.

    Southern Company, the parent of PowerSecure, is focusing on the distributed generation side of PowerSecure. Because Pike is providing growth capital for equipment, safety and training, the folks from PowerSecure have been able to come over to Pike without suffering from underspending in critical areas that could have affected morale and customer satisfaction over time.


  • May 20, 2020

    New leadership for Pike Engineering

    Pike Engineering welcomed new leadership in 2020, with Lee Mazzocchi joining as president and Luis Ordaz as vice president, overseeing our Florida operations.

    Lee was previously a senior executive with Duke Energy and has extensive experience in both power delivery engineering and construction. Luis has also held a number of operational and senior management roles at Duke Energy throughout his career.

    Regarding his new role and why he joined Pike Engineering, Lee said, “Pike has a great legacy and reputation in our business. I have known and respected Pike for more than 30 years, mostly as a construction company. Today, Engineering is a growing part of the business, and a great place to be.”

    Luis concurs, “As a former client, I was always impressed with Pike’s reputation and performance. Now that I’m here, I’m seeing that our company’s success is built on the people side of the business. And that has more to do with how we do things than on what we do. In other words, our success is really built on our culture, which is helping us to thrive and grow as the preferred provider of engineering services in the industry.”

    Lee plans to spend his few first months confirming Pike’s strengths to build on and opportunities to grow. “The business is doing well; we have a strong platform from which to take our strategy forward, and expand our services, customer base and geographic reach,” he said. “We will be very deliberate with our strategic and business planning and will execute these plans with discipline.”