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Energy Delivery Services


Pike Engineering provides a wide range of solutions for issues related to electric transmission:

  • Overhead and underground transmission system design and engineering
  • Transmission line routing studies and recommendations
  • Line inspection services and condition assessment
  • Survey services
  • Design and analysis of structures and foundations
  • Project management and coordination
  • Development of drawings, specifications and other project materials
  • Construction bid preparation
  • Material bid and requisition
  • Easements
  • Staking
  • Permitting services
  • Environmental reviews
  • Compliance with utility specifications, NESC guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Pole attachment agreements


Substation physical design

Services include:

  • Transmission/distribution and industrial substations from 4.16 kV through 765 kV
  • Design, engineering, procurement, construction management and project management
  • Site survey and layout
  • Fencing
  • Equipment layout and specification
  • Structure and bus work design and specification
  • Foundation design
  • Ground grid
  • Lightning protection
  • Bill of material and bid package development
  • Ring bus and breaker and one-half configurations
  • Autotransformer engineering installation, including switches and lead assemblies
  • Circuit breaker engineering installation, including disconnect switches and lead assemblies
  • High-voltage air-core reactor bank assemblies
  • Underground power cable terminations
  • Low-side transformer bus tie and feeder recloser/circuit breaker engineering installations
  • Load tap changers, bus regulators and feeder regulators
  • Station grounding design
  • Spill prevention, control and countermeasure plants

Protection and control

Services include:

  • Relay one-line diagrams
  • Three-line diagrams
  • Communications diagrams
  • Relay settings
  • Relay coordination curves
  • Equipment reclosing control
  • Remote terminal unit settings
  • SCADA intelligent electronic device point lists
  • Line, transformer and bus protection schemes
  • Circuit breaker failure schemes and control
  • Capacitor bank protection


Pike Engineering offers innovative approaches to electric and gas distribution engineering problems. In addition to services similar to those detailed for transmission engineering, our distribution engineering services also include:

  • Large distribution system improvements
  • Designs for complex network underground systems
  • Utility pole relocation
  • Designs for complex industrial and large commercial applications (like three-phase loop designs and alternate feed systems)
  • Residential and commercial lighting design
  • Independent system operator interconnection design, evaluation and assistance
  • DOT-related technical and non-technical work
  • Responsible charge engineering
  • Project management
  • Geographic information system (GIS), global positioning system (GPS) and work management support
  • Full-service computer-aided design and drafting
  • Field services, including permitting and right of way
  • Joint-use program management


Pike Engineering provides a variety of field service offerings, including the following:

  • Joint-use attachment audits
  • Construction post inspections
  • Equipment inspections
  • Lighting inspections
  • Rural Utility Service (RUS) inspections
  • NESC safety inspections
  • Substation inspections
  • Field inventory
  • Project management
  • Construction coordination and job site management
  • Geographic information system (GIS) mapping updates
  • Outage management system (OMS) field data collection and mapping
  • Post-storm cleanup inventory and assessment
  • Evaluation of equipment maintenance requirements
  • Troubleshooting, calibration and testing
  • Protection coordination
  • Arc flash hazard assessment
  • Power loss management
  • Protective coordination


Pike Engineering’s consulting services are provided by a dedicated team of engineers who are experts in electrical, gas and communications planning and strategy. Consulting services focuses on three primary areas: system planning and development; reliability and system protection; and engineering and economic studies.

Services include:

  • Addressing NERC, FERC and IEEE standard changes
  • Arc flash studies and training
  • Circuit analysis and coordination
  • Voltage drop and power factor studies
  • Designer and technical training
  • Reliability assessment and benchmarking
  • Capacitor optimization
  • Power flow studies
  • Renewable energy and grid connection studies
  • Interconnection studies including feasibility, life cycle cost, risk assessment, projected operating results and sensitivity analyses
  • Overcurrent and lightning protection
  • Smart grid strategy integration
  • Development of RFPs and case studies
  • Short- and long-range planning
  • Outside plant (OSP) planning
  • Node serving area design
  • Fiber in the loop (FTTX) planning
  • Passive optical network planning
  • Long-haul fiber routing
  • Budget development
  • Strategic technology planning, including technology evaluation, vendor coordination and implementation studies
  • Demand, billing, load aggregation and market analyses
  • Transmission arrangements
  • Resource planning
  • Proposal development and evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Expert testimony
  • Stranded-cost avoidance